Animated Impolite Gentleman, Episodes 1-3

The Impolite Gentleman is a web comic about a man who knows the gentleman ways but does not always behave like a gentleman. Thanks to Dagnabit! TV, 3 of the strips were animated. Much thanks to John Ryan, Director, Lucas Ryan, Director, and the voices of Jason Porter, Jeffery Rotter, and Nandita Shenoy.

The Impolite Gentleman – Date from James Yang on Vimeo.

The Impolite Gentleman – Leg Man from James Yang on Vimeo.

The Impolite Gentleman – Concierge from James Yang on Vimeo.

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110 years of Korean Americans in 3 minutes

Animation for the Korean Economic Institute introducing a conference in Washington DC which will encourage Korean Americans to reach out and help others on a global scale. Mihae Kim: Art Director, Mindy Schrader Kim: Writer, Insoo Yoon: Animator


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Animated Greeting Card for Moye White

Animated greeting card for Moye White LLP. Tyson Dewey, AD and animator.

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Animation: It’s Your Globe Guy

How does your world feel about you? Design by James Yang. Animation/Direction by Dave Redl.

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Storyboard for Animated PSA

Storyboard for animated environmental Public Service Ad (in progress). Dave Redl ofDave Redl Cartoons, editor and animator.





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Moye White Website

Animated Website for Moye White LLP. The client is a firm in Denver,Colorado specializing in commercial law. This is part of a campaign including advertising and collateral.



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