The New York Times Opinion Section

One of the funner challenges is creating art for the Opinion Section of the New York Times. The deadlines are famously short, you may have deadlines as short as 3 hours to pull something off and it needs to be compelling and thoughtful. It helps to have smart art directors like Hannah K Lee and John Custer. The art, article, and design happen at the same time. The designer may change the layout based on your sketches or the story has been revised so your specs are fluid. The art also needs to work for both print and web. The career has come full circle as I have updated a line oriented approach used at the beginning of my career since it allows illustrations to be executed quickly. It’s been a fun trip creating art as fast as the news for this rising generation of art directors.

Trump is Hurting the Gun Lobby. AD: Hannah K Lee

Trump and Kim: What a Fine Mess. AD: Hannah K Lee

The Pentagon Doesn’t Know Where its Money Goes. AD: Hannah K Lee

Trump’s Next Target: Illegal Immigrants. AD: John J Custer


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