Etch a sketch 21st century style

As an illustrator, the iPad is becoming more useful. Adobe Ideas is a great vector sketch program that will feel intuitive to Photoshop users. I found other art apps frustrating because relearning a new interface got in the way of creating. Wacom just came out with a bamboo stylus for the iPad. It is the best sketching device for the iPad to date. As a child, the Etch a Sketch was a favorite toy. It has really grown up.
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2 Responses to Etch a sketch 21st century style

  1. James Yang says:

    I still prefer a normal computer, but I think it could be possible for some artists to use approach and create great stuff. I would use it more for sketching or ideas that I would later import to a computer.

  2. It’s really interesting, I never tried this before… Do you think its better to sketch on iPad than on a normal computer?