Boundless Brooklyn

Boundless Brooklyn asked Chris Buzelli and SooJin Buzelli to curate an exhibit featuring 50 illustrators painting 50 water tower models. The opening is April 3rd at Kikkerland Shop on 493 6th Avenue in New York City from 6pm to 9pm.

It has been a while since breaking out the paints but it was nice to create analog art again. My tower is based on an illustration about singularity commissioned by Nautilus Magazine about the merging of Robotic and Human intelligence. The pattern in the original illustration seemed perfect for a 3 dimensional object and a nice way to dive into the deep end of the painting pool. I had forgotten the emotional connection one can have while painting. The process can be very meditative. It was a bittersweet when the tower was complete.

Please pop by the exhibit, I’m sure it you will be blown away by all the participating illustrators.

For fun, the work in progress appears after the tower:

 RIMG0111RIMG0112RIMG0113IMG_8612IMG_8614IMG_8631 IMG_8641IMG_8628IMG_8647IMG_8645 IMG_8731

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The world burns

An interesting request for a group exhibit came by email asking for an interpretation of the world’s end which seemed like an ironic request during the holidays. My take wasn’t the apocalyptic scene which I’m sure many illustrators will take but a more quite “snuffing” out approach. One science fiction short story talks about a scientist who helps monks calculate every possible name for God with a super computer. Once this task is complete, the purpose of man is finished. At the end when the names are calculated, the stars vanish one by one.

The end of the world




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Decisions, decisions

It seems every 5 years I get an itch and start playing around with my approach. I’m someone who normally makes gradual changes which is hard to notice until you see samples of work over a span of years. The changes are merely ideas my work could have taken if choosing another path. Lately layering of transparent colors have been coming into play and have already made its way into recent assignments. I never try to use one trick, it depends which approach is appropriate for the idea.

One friend who judged the Society of Illustrators show a couple of years ago said she would throw up if she saw another squid or octopus image. Naturally I decided to to an octopus image.

No wonder so many illustrators do octopus images. They are fun.



The person who created layers in Photoshop should win the Nobel Prize for something. They are great for saving alternative ideas:



Obviously trying to channel my inner Jim Flora.


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Run turkey run

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It does not have the pressure of Christmas but it has a feast with family or friends, my favorite pies and football. As a child, “BC” by John Hart was one of my favorite strips. Whenever Thanksgiving rolled around he would do a hilarious series of strips with cavemen fruitlessly chasing a turkey. This was comic gold in the Yang household. These illustrations are an homage to my favorite turkey.




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Growing up in the 60’s with a father who was a scientist is probably why I’m a space nut. In grade school I could tell you all the launches and astronauts. Watching “Gravity” recently brought back a lot of those memories. Alfonso Cuarón’s movie visually reminded me of Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” in 3D. This illustration was created after seeing “Gravity” and as usually happens when I work, it bears little resemblance to the movie. Sandra Bullock fans need not worry. She only has two eye in the film.



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He said she said

When there is time between projects I will ocassionally go into the “lab” and play around with colors and textures for future projects. Lately I’ve been wanting to play around more with characters so decided to do two pieces titled, “femmes” and “hommes”.   The most important lesson learned is women really are different from men.




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Birdland is a series which I have been working on which will be available for sale as prints. Here is an early preview.

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What to Do?

Illustration for an article about searching for creative solutions.


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Illustration about the process of thinking. This was based on an article about how prejudices alter people’s view of reality.


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Passive Aggressive Guy

Experimentation last year with character design.

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Lab: Cognitive Dissonance

Lab is a new category for experiments which find their way to projects. Illustration for cognitive dissonance. This texture was being tested for an upcoming project.


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