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Working with James:

Alex Skoirchet, AD, Morningstar

“It is always a challenge finding an illustrator who can deliver the eight illustrations for Morningstar Advisor magazine within a month. The subject matter is abstract and often difficult to understand and represent. I was attracted to James’ abstract, playful style, and felt that it would be a good fit to the spirit of our publication. Once I spoke with him, I realized how multidimensional and knowledgeable he is—he was the first illustrator I worked with who revealed that he is an investor. From the onset of the project, it was clear that James wanted to deliver the best possible work. He is open to criticism, and gently stands his ground when he believes in his decisions. Collaborating with James was a joy.”

Chuck Lazar, AD, Health Forum

“James Yang is one of the most original illustrators to come along in the last 50 years. When I see his work featured in a magazine, I immediately know that the art director, editor and publisher understand the power of what a really good illustration can bring to an article. James always offers a unique and wildly creative approach to any editorial concept you can throw at him. The man’s a genius with problem solving.”

Fred Norgaard, AD, New York Times

“James is one of my favorite artists. His work is beautiful, witty and wholly original. He has created his own world, a place we want to visit often for visual refreshment and and mental nourishment. Three cheers for James Yang.”

April Montgomery, AD, Computerworld

“It’s been my pleasure to work with James many times — I can always depend on him to devise a creative solution that offers a strong and inventive connection to the topic at hand. He’s fantastically talented, requires little direction, and has an amazing knack for humanizing technology and business issues — his work is always smart, has an unmistakeable look, a gorgeous palette, and some wonderful glimpses of his characteristic humor. One of my all-time favorite illustrators”

Orlie Kraus, AD, The Wall Street Journal

“James Yang always come to mind when I need an illustration for a particularly complex idea. He distills abstraction into clarity with minimal line, bold color and unique images. James says so much with so little. James is amazing.”

Karen Luciani, AD, Colgate University

“James has the keen ability to deconstruct complex ideas and communicate visually in a distinct way. His work is colorful, accessible and imaginative. Just like James.”

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